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The Five-Minutes-to-Twelve-Movement

Brief history

The Five Minutes-to-Twelve Movement was started in Härnösand, a small town in the middle of Sweden in 1988 by a group of people who decided to bring an end to the racist atmosphere that permeated the town. All good forces against racism and xenophobia convened in the square in the middle of the town at 11.55. Sara, 17 years old was one of the young initiators of this manifestation.


In 1989, Sara was murdered by a young refugee. The tragedy paralysed the town and gained enormous attention throughout the country. In answer to the sad event Härnösand rose to the task before it and held new manifestations, headed by Sara's father, Stig Wallin. Since then Stig was the movement's leading figure. He died in 2009, at the 5th of december-the most important day of the year.


The first national manifestation was held in 1993, on the fifth of december at five minutes to twelve. This date remains the Five-Minutes-to-Twelve-Movement's national manifestation day in many places in Sweden. As of 2001 there are also manifestations in the Swedish Parliament and in the European Parliament i Brussels.


We are a small nongovernmental organisation (NGO) located in Härnösand and we also exist as a network all over the country and also in other countries. We also collaborate with many other different networks and actors. We want to inspire as many people as possible to commit in their own special way to the battle against racism, xenophobia and discrimination. Your committement is our reward. That battle must be waged every day, on many fronts and in many ways. It's a question of changing both attitudes and behaviours.


Our work is focused in making public opinion wich includes information in schools, culture activities, letters to media, gatherings, conference activities and also influencing politicians, corporate management and other actors in authority.

The Five-Minutes-to-Twelve Centre

We also participate in a special EU projekt in our county Västernorrland. The objective is to set up a regional resource centre, the Five-Minutes-to-Twelve Centre, for integration, diversity and democracy. Our task is to support a two-way integration process by getting involved in labour market issues, schools, the culture scene and media. We also partake in the EU incentive, EQUAL, which is a programme set up to counteract discrimination in the workplace. There we have produced a interactive, webbased training for more open attitudes in work places, www.hejajobbet.se

Please contact us for more information

For more information, please contact us in Härnösand, phone +46 (0)70 357 45 95 or via e-mail 5i12@harnosand.se, or our web site www.5i12.se




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